3d Printing In Orthopaedics.

Computer assisted surgeries in orthopaedics has been in vogue for quite some time. Navigation in arthroplasties and spinal surgeries have proved useful in difficult case scenarios. 3D printing is the latest buzzword among surgeons. The CT images with a specific resolution are processed by 3D printing technology to reconstruct 3D models of the concerned part. Patient specific implants created by 3d printing is helpful in placement of implants tailor made for the joint under consideration. Templates and guides so created, aids in better preoperative planning of complex cases.

This promising tool has variety of applications in orthopaedic surgeries including spinal surgeries, tumour ablation and excision, pelvic surgeries, arthroplasties, limb salvage and prosthetics, osteotomies and correction of deformities.

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